A couple fiber splicing best practices

No matter the make or model of your splicer, environment is the enemy.  Keep the “automatic” in your automatic fusion splicer with these key tips:

Keep the hood closed between splices.

When placing fiber in the v-groove always center the prepped end between the electrodes and draw back the fiber half way (rather than push forward) before clamping, this action keeps the grooves free of debris rather than lodging it deeper. Remember, “Draw Back, don’t push.”

Persistent out of focus errors? Remove fibers, power off and power back on. Use the  manual splicing mode to align your fibers – your machine always remembers the last settings which is terrific until you inadvertently mislay a fiber and hit set.

Before turning off an automatic fusion splicer, close the hood and hit reset.

Strippers are designed to be used at the same angle as its blade – scrape at a 45 degree angle instead of a “natural” 90 degree angle for a clean strip every time:

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